We provide a comprehensive and fully integrated service that provides education with the tools and environment to make you successful.  Get to know how the forex market work and we provide the strategies that make regular profits from them.

Our goal is to provide you with a complete end-to-end trading education, with our modules offering a comprehensive learning experience, taking you every step of the way.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have some trading experience, our course is tailored to help you elevate your trading skills.

  1. Fifteen (15) Educational Modules.
  2. The Modules are designed to take you from someone who has no knowledge of trading to a competent trader.
  3. Each Modules takes your knowledge a bit further each time.  The course builds your knowledge in a step by step process which has been perfected over many years.
  4. Live Trading Strategies/Analysis and Support.
  5. Live Zoom with day analysis at 11am and 7pm daily, before start of UK and US market respectively.
  6. Live Support 8 Hours/Day.
  7. Daily manual signals on four major markets generated live in front of your eyes 12 hours a day that are highly profitable.
  8. Company FUNDED ACCOUNT to learn to trade with real money and the company will cover the losses while you learn to make profits.
  9. The ability to start with no experience and with the help of our guidance climb the ladder to the top and become a company’s Fund Manager.


  • 15 Modules in a step by step training plan from beginner to expert
  • No previous experience needed
  • Academy archive to watch every module again
  • All the tools given as part of the course
  • Three proven strategies and daily analysis twice a day (before opening of UK Market and US Market) to profit from
  • Continuous support all the way to the top


Experience unparalleled guidance and get personally mentored by Mr. Karim Bhojani, the founder and CEO of BizzCareer Academy.

Karim has over 22 years of trading experience and he has mentored hundreds of traders over the last 3 years.

Whenever you have any questions and need help, you can reach out and get personalized assistance via One-to-One Zoom.


  • Monday to Friday every weekday
  • 08:00 hrs till 16:00 hrs UK time
  • Manual trades narrated
  • Market analysis
  • Impact news bulletins
  • Educational sessions weekly
  • Constant guidance


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Mr. Karim Bhojani with more than 25 years of diversified experience in the finance/banking industry and training, is Head of Bizz Career Academy and CEO of BizzCareer Pvt. Ltd.