Do you like the fast pace?  Then you can dive into our day trading strategies and trade the lower timeframes.


We teach you how to swing trade the higher timeframes on the 1H, 4H, and on the Daily timeframes.


We even teach multi timeframe strategies.  No matter which timeframe you prefer, in the course we have the right trading strategy for you.

Exclusively providing the opportunity to achieve success and profitability for over 10 years. Our Hidden Talents Program in HINDI/URDU language is a unique trading program offering a guaranteed funded trading account. BizzCareer Academy has an innovative approach to training, and centres on knowledge and pertinent support which is driven by experience and long term relationships.

This Program is developed to help guide and nurture curiosity into trading through intensive one-to-one training with our fully qualified trading mentor. The program is not based upon previous experience or academic qualifications, but on the natural intellect and willingness to become a profitable trader. With a careful selection process, the Program is designed to help identify, recruit and develop the next generation of raw talent, who are eager to demonstrate their capability in investing and trading the financial markets.

The Program content includes traditional subjects like basics of Forex, technical, fundamental and intermarket analysis, trading psychology and above all, risk management. As the program inherently includes a training period at first.

Becoming a financial trader and trading the financial markets is unlike a traditional wage based model of employment, but instead, it’s a competition and performance based endeavor. The Program includes a small training fee, which will cover your study material and our one-to-one teaching sessions with our esteemed Forex mentor and specially designed Intra Day Trading screen.

In BizzCareer Academy Forex Trading program, you will work with our trading trainer and mentor, Sir Karim. He has spent decades learning about a traders mind and working with individuals to help them build emotional intelligence in their trading. He will be training you to make decisions based upon logic rather than emotion. 

This is a unique trading course that allows you to structure your learning sessions around your daily work/life program in an interactive manner. You will circuit through 3 main categories of trading psychology, which are divided into 15 modules of online sessions and/or physical classes that has been specifically designed to be concise – cutting out all the misinformation presented online and delivering the fundamental concepts you need to understand in order to master your mindset.  

Being able to change your patterns and beliefs doesn’t happen overnight.  We are aware of this and have built our course to not just give you an educational experience, but also to participate with Karim in live interactive sessions to expand on these topics and give you challenges to help mold you into the successful trader you envision.

Benefits of joining the Hidden Talents Program

If you get accepted to our Hidden Talents Program there is no need to waste time on a demo account. You start trading live from week one with our capital which allows you to practice new skills in the live markets.

We provide you with interactive online lectures and open discussions amongst your mentor and fellow trainees.

The program caters to both full-time and part-time training sessions. Our mentor is also available to provide immediate help and advice.

Once you start trading on a $12,000 account, you can start withdrawing profit when you hit the 10% profit target. We make our profits from our traders’ success, we share profits fairly.


We double the size of the trading account every time you reach a 10% target.

The drawdown is less than 10% on the initial balance and you’re not liable for any losses.

You can apply to the Hidden Talents Program by filling out the Registration Form in “Introduction to Forex” section of this website. It is important that you complete the correct contact details in order for our Talent Acquisition team to contact you.


You can also avail our services of Urdu/Hindi Coaching Classes through Zoom Meetings in which we will teach you all the Modules in easy Urdu/Hindi language and will provide you all necessary services in 8 months.  You can watch sample video of our Urdu/Hindi classes in Library section of this website.

Note:  In order to move forward for Urdu/Hindi classes, you must first register your name for the program by filling Registration Form available at Sub-menu  “Introduction to Forex” of this website.